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Blender procedural material pack : Nature #2

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This pack contains 5 realistic procedural materials for Blender.

They all use object as texture coordinate so UV's are not required (you can change this easily in the shader tab).
Render Engine : Cycles
Use displacement : Yes (Better results with adaptive subdivision)

Here is what a simple plan can become with just a few clicks :

Turn a basic roundish object into a realistic volcanic rock :

Each material has it's own customized node group, so you will be able to customize it with different values like scale, colors, wetness, displacement, AO (ambiant occlusion) :

Here are a few exemples of what you'll can adjust :

How to import the materials :

  • Go to File → Append
  • Look for the file that contains the materials and double click on it
  • Go to the material folder
  • Select the material and click on "Append"
  • Now you can assign the material to your object and customize it in the "material properties" panel or in the Shading workspace.

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YT channel (fr) :

License :
You are able to use this product for educational, personal and commercial use as long as this use do not violate what follows : You may not sell, sublicence, redistribute, repackage the purchased product.

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Contains a .blend file with 5 procedural materials

Made with blender 4.0
4.6 MB
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Blender procedural material pack : Nature #2

0 ratings
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